Find out the differences between drones, UAVs, and UAS by avirtech

Find out the differences between drones, UAVs, and UAS!

  Terms like drones, UAVs, and UAS have been bandied around a lot when it comes to the different flying objects that you can control virtually. So, what differentiates a drone from a UAV or a UAS? It can be tough to understand what a drone is and how it varies from a UAV or UAS because of all the numerous names and acronyms used to identify all the varied flying devices we can control remotely. Happily, we have this article to help you sort out the differences among these items and phrases and clear up some confusion. 

What is a drone?

Let’s start with the drone. The term drone is the most widely used to refer to any unmanned aerial vehicle, mainly since it is a term that the media understands would attract casual viewers’ focus. A drone, from a technical sense, is any vehicle that can operate independently, either on the water or on land.  Since these drones are commercial, they primarily include cameras that can be operated remotely. Commercial drones, on the other hand, cannot be piloted from large distances; the better ones can only be controlled from a few miles away.

What is UAV?

Although the definitions of drone and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are nearly identical, some may consider that a UAV is more sophisticated than a drone designed exclusively for videography. The use of the term “drone” to represent UAVs marketed to the general public appears to irritate the UAV community. The media has converted the once term into a generic term for a simple flying vehicle. Furthermore, the name UAV currently only refers to the aircraft itself, excluding all additional components that comprise a complete drone system or any other equipment that can assist the UAV in its operations.

What is UAS?

The UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) is the complete package necessary to operate the system, which comprises the UAV, the ground control system, camera, GPS, all software, operating abilities, and maintenance tools. These devices can be used for a wide range of purposes, including surveying, filmmaking, and military intelligence. To put it simply, a UAV is simply a component of a UAS.  To sum up, it has become an accepted term and moved into common usage by the media and the general population to easily label any kind of unmanned vehicle regardless of its usage – military, recreational or commercial. Don’t forget to follow our social media to gain more information about drones. 

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