Why is precision agriculture more profitable?

why is precision agriculture profitable

Precision agriculture is a technology that enables farmers and agribusinesses to measure, monitor, and control the application of inputs such as water, fertilizers, pesticides, or seeds. Precision agriculture can positively impact farmers' and agribusinesses' profitability by reducing input costs and increasing output. Farmers and agribusinesses can use fewer inputs to control their needs accurately, which means their production costs are low. It is why precision agriculture is more profitable and sustainable. It has less environmental impact due to fewer chemicals. 

The use of new technologies in the farming industry is on the rise. Farmers and agribusinesses can use these new technologies to increase their efficiency in some ways. They can use drones to map out their fields and identify where they need to apply pesticides or fertilizers, saving them time and money. They can also use satellite imaging to measure crop yields, knowing how much food they have produced without going out into the field themselves. Farmers and agribusinesses are also using data tracking systems that allow them to collect data about their farm's progress in real-time, which helps them make better decisions about how best to proceed with planting or harvesting crops. In addition, the world's food production challenge will be more significant; in 2050, the world must supply 70% more food while using 70% less energy, fertilizer, and pesticides. On the other side, it is critical to reducing emissions and the potential impact of climate change. Farmers and agribusinesses must adapt to advance innovative technology. In other words, they must begin leveraging these resources as soon as possible to reap all of the benefits they have to offer.

GPS application

GPS-guided or auto-steered combines and tractors can reduce human errors by detecting precise crop coordinates (which are sometimes impossible to ascertain accurately by visually) and correcting for human exhaustion. A human that uses guiding systems can access real-time, exact coordinates from a screen in the cab. Guidance systems save money by eliminating over- and under-applicating pesticides and improving crop production. It allows for easier harvesting with fewer problems caused by closely separated corn stalks, which can cause combines to fail. Besides, navigation systems also relieve humans of the need to steer, allowing them to supervise many precision agriculture systems at once.

Laser land leveling beneficial 

The key to effective land leveling is maximizing water usage, boosting crop establishment, and saving watering time and energy. Through nutrient water interaction and salt and soil moisture geographic distribution, irregularity of the surface soil has significant implications for agricultural fertilization, form, and output. Land leveling is a tool for thriving agricultural, environmental, and crop production. On well enough and placed fields, tool technologies work better. IRRI's Joseph F. Rickmann observed the practical application of land leveling in Cambodia. He found that the average increase in crop yield was 24 percent or 530 kg per hectare, the farming area grows by 5–7% when farm size increased from 0.1 hectares to 0.5 hectares.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT (Internet of Things) supports

Inaccuracy of data in real-time effects crop yields. If the quality of the harvest is poor, the quantity of sales distribution will also decrease. The result is no profit. Anticipating crop failure in sustainable agriculture can take advantage of AI. Moreover, the application of AI and IoT can support agribusinesses. Indeed, it can reduce significant losses due to unbalanced production and maintenance costs with harvest sales. One of the AI ​​that agribusinesses can use is BIOTA. BIOTA delivers crop intelligence by combining remote sensing and intelligent sensors to obtain insights into the plantation. 

Have you calculated what benefits you will obtain from these three sustainable farming tools by applying this precision agricultural technology? If you have, but you need a complete explanation about the application of technology for sustainable agriculture business, let's discuss it with us!

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