Bringing about Agriculture 4.0

We help plantations convert data into actionable decisions and optimize business by reducing cost and increasing yields. And we do so at scale with cutting edge connectivity solutions and image processing technologies to enable true smart plantations.

Trusted by leading agriculture companies around the world

Are you looking to increase yield with less cost?

Avirtech provides closed-loop optimization process to completely relook at the way your operations is being done with a long term roadmap to make your plantation more sustainable and profitable over the next decade.

How Avirtech fits into your operations

Understanding your assets

Knowing your land topography and asset count is the first step
to making better decisions. Our drone solutions will help you 
get updates on your asset over time

Knowing how your crop health

Avirtech utilizes the best in class multi spectral technologies to give you the finest insights you need to know on how well your crops or trees are growing

Collecting inputs from smart sensors

Perplexed by rising cost without clear drivers? Your smart sensors on
the ground provides the control system you need to better monitor
and improve how your plantation fares against your competitors

Resolving issues with less manpower

Change, mechanize your operations with efficient drone technologies to reduce reliance on manpower and achieve a more sustainable future with Avirtech

Trusted by leading agriculture companies around the world

Experience Agriculture 4.0

be the leader for change

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