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Avirlink make your legacy sensors smart by being able to record and control information remotely.

Increase yield with less cost

Helping farmers optimize their productivity and profitability.
avirlink data collection

Data collection

Data collection is the process of collecting data from various sources.

avirlink data transmission


Sending data from one place to another. This data can be sent through the internet, cellular networks, and satellites.

avirlink data processing and storage

Processing and Storage

Data is processed to generate useful information, such as crop yield predictions.

avirlink data visualization


Display data in an easy-to-understand format in the form of graphs, tables and maps.

avirlink data analytic and ai

Analytics and Predictive AI

Analyzing data and using AI to make predictions about crop yield, soil conditions, and pests.

Activities of work

Showcasing our implementation for enhanced productivity towards more sustainable agriculture.
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The power of IoT in agriculture

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