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Smart Metering

Collecting and sending water usage data remotely and automatically, developed for residential indoor/outdoor application.


Improve our understanding of the atmosphere and to help us prepare for extreme weather events.
Improve ready accuracy

Ensure water billing reading accuracy and improve water quality management services for water company provider and customers.

Control water usage

Apply smart water payment, including prepaid and postpaid, and offer the customers control of their water usage.

Offer easy installation

Provide the best installation for water distribution to the end user and economic loss avoidance.

Detect water leakage

Early detect water leakage and accelerate the repair.

Manage water usage

Improve water usage management, for example, sending water saving alert.

Key features

Accurate and real-time water level data is essential for making quick and informed decisions.
Measurement range ratio
Compact design
Durable installation
Long service period
Automatic meter reading (AMR)
IoT ready


Showcasing sustainable practices and enhanced productivity.

The power of IoT in agriculture

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