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Pest detection

Detecting plantation infestation caused by woodworms and other wood-damaging pests.


Improve our understanding of the atmosphere and to help us prepare for extreme weather events.
Long-term monitoring and maintenance

Establish system for long-term monitoring by implementing a routine maintenance schedule, the periodic retrieval of data, and assessment of the overall health of the palm trees.

Integration with environmental sustainability

Integrate the RPW detection system with environmentally sustainable practices, considering factors such as power consumption, tree health, and the use of non-intrusive materials.

Early detection of RPW infestations

Enable early detection of infestations by monitoring the vibrations caused by their movement within palm trees.

Accurate data collection and analysis

Develop robust data analysis techniques to differentiate normal vibrations from those indicative of RPW activity.

Minimize damage to palm trees

Minimize damage to palm trees, ensuring the health and vitality of the trees.

Key features

Accurate and real-time water level data is essential for making quick and informed decisions.
Free-fall and motion detection
Measurement range ratio
Compact Design
Ultra-low power consumption.
Long service period
IoT ready


Showcasing sustainable practices and enhanced productivity.

The power of IoT in agriculture

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