avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia


GNSS receivers and how they work in agriculture and others

Published At : 17/05/2022 07:30:42

Since the GNSS receivers have a lot of advantages in some ways besides agriculture, many businesses utilize it to enrich their field works. Here is how GNSS receivers work in some industries, from agriculture to geology.


Bagaimana teknologi mempersingkat penanaman hutan tanaman industri

Published At : 12/05/2022 07:23:36

Teknologi di era industri 4.0 ini sangat diperlukan mengoptimalkan proses penanaman hutan industri dan reboisasi. Salah satu teknologi yang saat ini Avirtech kenalkan untuk menunjang proses ini adalah drone penembak benih.


Drone pengendalian hama dan penyakit pertanian berskala besar

Published At : 09/05/2022 06:19:09

Salah satu kegunaan drone yang paling populer adalah penyemprotan pestisida. Drone dapat diprogram untuk menyemprotkan jumlah pestisida yang tepat yang dibutuhkan per pohon, yang mengurangi jumlah pestisida yang terbuang.


Teknologi perkebunan kelapa sawit cegah kerugian

Published At : 26/04/2022 06:04:03

Drone untuk pengawasan perkebunan kelapa sawit memang bukan hal yang baru. Namun, Avirtech sebagai penggerak pertanian presisi di Asia Tenggara membuat inovasi terbaru untuk pengawasan perkebunan sawit dengan drone yang dimodifikasi lebih canggih.


Avirtech precision seed shooter drones accelerate reforestation

Published At : 25/04/2022 07:25:13

Velocity ​​and operational cost are two things that can slow down the pace of restoration. On the other hand, we must be able to move quickly to minimize the effects of climate change. Therefore, drone technology can be a way to accelerate reforestation pace at an affordable cost.


How can reforestation help the environment?

Published At : 21/04/2022 01:21:50

Comprehensive technology such as drones can boost reforestation and help the environment quickly. Drones allow us to plant seeds much more rapidly and efficiently, reach difficult or impossible areas for humans to access, and have less effort and cost.


Drone technology solutions for the palm oil industry

Published At : 20/04/2022 04:12:20

The palm oil industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Production is expected to rise from 7.2 million metric tons in 2004 to 29 million by 2020. Drone technology makes it possible to identify and address problems on the ground in real-time.


Unmanned Surface Vehicles and potential impact on agriculture

Published At : 14/04/2022 08:14:24

In the coming years, USVs have the potential impact on agriculture to transform the way farms, bringing eyes and ears to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to humans, increasing yields, and allowing to manage of crops better.


How drones boost sustainability management in oil palm plantations

Published At : 08/04/2022 02:48:42

Large oil palm plantations require extra supervision and more human resources. Yet, it can also cause the company's expenses to increase. So it needs multifunctional precision agriculture technology to boost sustainability management in oil palm plantations.


Post-harvest loss causes and how to reduce it

Published At : 04/04/2022 01:39:49

Post-harvest loss is the loss of food that occurs after it is harvested. Food does not get to those who need it because it spoils before reaching consumers. Small farmers in several developing countries frequently lose up to 40% of their crops owing to insufficient storage.


How to practice sustainable agriculture in the urban landscape

Published At : 30/03/2022 06:12:37

The practice of sustainable agriculture is essential for the future of food security. This practice aims to conserve natural resources and improve the quality of life in rural areas. There are some sustainable agriculture practices that you can implement in your urban landscape.


What is food security in agriculture?

Published At : 28/03/2022 07:13:24

Precision agriculture has three main components supporting food security and sustainability: source to field mapping, field analyzing and monitoring, decision support system, and plantation management.


Precision agriculture connectivity application

Published At : 24/03/2022 03:23:15

We understand that quality is vital for your crop. We developed our AgriTech with IoT innovation to help you keep track of your crop production – even while they are in transit, protect the quality, and ensure your supply chain receives the best products possible.


All about farming business ideas 2022

Published At : 22/03/2022 01:09:41

The agricultural business will never die because it is a vital business for survival. And not all farming business is synonymous with growing fruit and vegetables in the fields. Here is a list of farming businesses in 2022 you may try as references.


What are the differences between horticulture and agriculture?

Published At : 18/03/2022 03:18:32

Which field is more important? horticulture or agriculture? There is no easy answer when deciding which area is more critical. They are both types of farming, but there are some differences between these two practices, including their respective goals and scales.


What is Real Time Kinematic in agriculture?

Published At : 14/03/2022 02:13:43

RTK utilized the global positioning system (GPS) receivers to pinpoint a location within a few inches. This accuracy allows farmers and agribusinesses to place seeds and fertilizer in specific spots in their fields, improving their farming operations' efficiency.


Avirtech awarded GTI from Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation and Iskandar Investment Berhad

Published At : 08/03/2022 09:24:40

The leading precision AgriTech company, Avirtech, has been awarded a Global Testbed Incentives (GTI) from Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), administered by Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB).


What are the types of sensors used in agriculture?

Published At : 08/03/2022 02:39:22

Remote sensing and mapping are essential tools for modern farmers. By using sensors to capture data about their crops and the ground, they can better understand the growth and health of their plants. Get to know types of agriculture sensors here.


Why topography is essential for palm oil production

Published At : 04/03/2022 06:25:41

Survey grade geospatial data is now more accessible than ever before with the help of advanced photogrammetry technology and top-performing drones. Avirtech offers high precision topography results with an array of state-of-the-art data processing software and performing drones.


Will indoor vertical farming replace traditional farming altogether?

Published At : 28/02/2022 02:53:26

Vertical farming is the modern technique of farming. It is popular in an urban areas with space limitations. Since vertical farming is more effortless than conventional, some people wonder will indoor vertical farming replace traditional farming altogether?


What is a water management system in agriculture?

Published At : 24/02/2022 23:06:31

Water is an essential component for plant growth and agriculture. Besides, proper irrigation for sustainable water management systems in agriculture is required to ensure that plants have enough water to grow and produce a good yield.


IoT solutions for smart farming

Published At : 22/02/2022 23:16:24

IoT solutions enable smart farming techniques to be more effective since they provide depth-analytic data about soil quality, weather data, water level, water quality. See how Avirtech IoT solutions connect a vast plantation with one crop intelligence management.


How IoT drives precision agriculture more efficiently

Published At : 18/02/2022 02:51:40

The ability to track and analyze in-depth data from many sensors and devices and the collaboration among plantation conditions, workforce, and systems has enabled emerging technologies such as IoT to help agribusiness make better decisions for their crops and harvest quality.


Aviro M120 Drone: Encouraging palm oil plantation surveillance

Published At : 14/02/2022 02:14:17

The Aviro M120 is a drone specially designed for aerial surveillance and photography. It is equipped with an HD live streaming feature and can fly around the perimeter hourly without disruptions, day or night. The M120 is the perfect way to do plantation surveillance and monitoring in the air.


What are surveying and mapping drones?

Published At : 08/02/2022 01:24:01

Drones in agriculture have enabled farmers and agribusinesses to do more than spray crops. With the help of surveying and mapping drones such as Z1 and M60 drones, you can better manage your land, know what is best for it, and improve crop yields.


Avirtech Aviro series for palm oil plantation

Published At : 07/02/2022 04:17:25

Palm oil is one of the most valuable commodities in the world. It's also one of the most expensive crops to grow. To protect your investment from pests and other environmental challenges, Avirtech offers a wide range of crop protection solutions.


How Avirtech variable rate technology can combating climate change

Published At : 31/01/2022 09:39:11

Agriculture is the sector that is most seriously affected by climate change. The Asian Development Bank Institute said that agricultural production would fall by around 3% with the carbon fertilization impact by the 2080s and about 16% if the carbon fertilization factor did not occur.


Precision agriculture 4.0: Why we need and how Avirtech does

Published At : 26/01/2022 02:55:53

Avirtech, precision drones agriculture, and AgTech software and solutions provide the edge agribusinesses needed to make smarter decisions and improve crops production and profitability. See how Avirtech can do for your better agriculture production below.


Why drones for fertilizer and pesticide spraying are the future of agricultural technology

Published At : 24/01/2022 06:50:33

Drones are quickly becoming a huge part of agriculture. Precision agriculture enables drones for fertilizer and pesticide spraying to spray more precisely. Learn how drones Avirtech can deliver and kinds of our drones for fertilizer and pesticide spraying.


Advantages of drones for agriculture mapping: Avirtech case studies

Published At : 21/01/2022 02:35:58

Mapping drones are used for many different purposes. Drones can be equipped with sensors to measure air quality, water quality, and other environmental indicators. Avirtech delivers multiple solutions for drone mapping, as can see in the use case below.


Aviro D16 Drone: The way to respond to agricultural losses due to pests

Published At : 17/01/2022 03:33:31

Agricultural losses can see in many ways. One of the causes of food waste is pests and natural disasters. In palm oil plantations, problems hurt the harvest by killing 25% of dying plants. The use of technology in agriculture, such as drones, can help minimize the loss of crops to pests


Why is precision agriculture more profitable?

Published At : 13/01/2022 11:09:40

Agribusinesses can use fewer inputs to accurately control their needs, which means their production costs are lower. It also means that agricultural production is more sustainable because it has less environmental impact due to fewer chemicals


The overview of leading agricultural product of Southeast Asia: Good for invest

Published At : 07/01/2022 09:18:44

Southeast Asia has a rich environmental and agricultural diversity. Indeed, they become the highest agricultural production globally, starting from rice to rubber. Here is the overview of the leading agricultural product of Southeast Asia countries


How precision agriculture could change farming and food industry in 2022

Published At : 04/01/2022 02:05:48

Agricultural production frameworks have to become more efficient and waste-free. Comprehensive sustainable agriculture strategies and food production are needed. Then how precision agriculture could change the farming and food industry


The role of drones in precision agriculture

Published At : 31/12/2021 01:29:47

Precision agriculture in this industry 4.0 brings benefits. It is certainly cannot be separated from the role of drones. Let's define the role of drones in precision agriculture and how they can make farmers and agribusiness work more manageable


Top 3 common misconceptions about the agribusiness industry

Published At : 26/12/2021 15:15:59

Agribusiness is responsible for many economic aspects of food production. Yet, people have misconceptions about agribusiness. Few people think of agribusiness as simply cultivation in the field, boating in the sea, or domesticating livestock


What is the difference between traditional and modern farming?

Published At : 22/12/2021 03:26:07

Agricultural systems in various parts of the world have evolved due to technological advances and increasing human knowledge. It develops from primitive agriculture, traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. Conventional agriculture started


[News] Aviro D16, the World's First Gimbal Spraying For Pest Control

Published At : 16/12/2021 05:43:28

Precision spraying has never been in higher demand, dwindling human resources and pushing for more sustainable practice. Overuse of pesticides has long plagued the industry, not just for cost but also for a more significant ecosystem impact


Precision agriculture: what benefits and types of it

Published At : 16/12/2021 03:08:13

Precision agriculture, as a new direction in farming, is being successfully engendered by the Internet of Things. You can obtain much more precision agriculture besides these three methods. Find out the advantages of sustainable agriculture for business


Powerful techniques to solve crop failure part 2

Published At : 13/12/2021 11:10:01

Crop failure is such a common thing for farmers and agriculture business people. Natural disasters have become a significant part of crop failure. Some of them are human activity and lack of skills, as described in the first article. Let's see another factor that can cause crop failure


Which country has the highest agricultural production?

Published At : 06/12/2021 08:10:01

Many developed countries are known as "countries with the highest agricultural production." Before you go to the list of countries with the highest agricultural production, it will be better to understand agrarian production.


Effective ways to solve crop failure part 1

Published At : 01/12/2021 02:05:01

Crop yields are an important part of any farmer’s day since they determine how successful their land can be. Discovering how to enhance crop yields is essential for successful farming. But now, thanks to technology


How precision agriculture has changed in years

Published At : 24/11/2021 09:05:01

Precision farming is likewise called precision agriculture. The easiest way to see precision agriculture is to remember it as everything that makes this knowledge of growing more precise and controlled. Then, it comes to the production of crops and raising livestock.


4 Maintenance drone tips

Published At : 19/11/2021 08:05:01

A drone is an unpiloted aircraft or spacecraft. It is usually called Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Drones are frequently utilized for military purposes on Earth since they do not put a pilot’s life at risk in conflict zones


5 Most profitable agricultural business ideas

Published At : 10/11/2021 11:05:01

Agriculture has proven as one of the more dependable sectors during the financial crisis and global recession. Furthermore, this industry is steadily growing worldwide and can rapidly launch hundreds of agriculture-related business ideas


Find out the differences between drones, UAVs, and UAS!

Published At : 05/11/2021 11:34:34

Terms like drones, UAVs, and UAS have a lot regarding the different flying objects you can control virtually. So, what differentiates a drone from a UAV or a UAS? It can be tough to understand what a drone is and how it varies from a UAV or UAS because of the numerous names