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We would like to inform all customers, partners and related parties that as the process of business sale of Avirtech business lines (NOT company sale) to Terra Drone did not materialize after closing date, so we hereby announce that Avirtech (PT Sky Tech Indonesia and PT Avirtech Solusi Teknologi) is taking legal options and that all business and assets owned and operated by Avirtech still and will continue to operate only under PT Sky Tech Indonesia and PT Avirtech Solusi Teknologi in Indonesia. Any company actions including assets movement or sales shall be authorized and legally signed only by Ferdy William as the official Avirtech director.

Any transfer of business to Terra Drone or its Indonesian entity PT Terra Drone Indonesia are illegal and will be handled by legal means. Also we would like to emphasize that Wilson Ong Weizheng (Terra Drone Indonesia Country Manager) are not part nor representative of Our Company and we disclaim legally his actions in whatever forms.

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