avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia avirtech is a precision agriculture technology company in Asia


Drone enabled land survey

Survey grade geospatial data using advanced photogrammetry technology. Avirtech promises high precision topography results with an array of state-of-the-art data processing software and top-performing drones to deliver the best outcome possible. At only a fraction of the cost of conventional methods, Avirtech provides fast, accurate, and cost-effective solutions to your geodesy needs. 


Below 3 cm Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)

We ensure the correctness of each pixel denotes a smaller area with a better lower GSD of 3 cm, delivering value topographic mapping of inaccessible locations. 

Significant cost savings

Since the exactness of the topographic map was less than 3 cm, confirming the suitability of integrating consumer-grade UAVs with GPS and GIS for cost-effective and requires a shorter time topographic mapping of difficult locations. 

High precision result 

Our drone service can deliver the data validity to less than 3 cm absolute accuracy, supported by an elevated drone equipped with a multi-frequency GNSS receiver. 

Fast turnaround time

Due to our advancing technology in drone technology, we provide cost-effective maps with quick turnaround times over large and small locations. 

Actionable data for deep analysis

Our drones can capture interior, exterior, ground, and aerial data in real-time and with high accuracy based on geospatial insight.

Proficient for

Digital surface model

Digital elevation model 

Digital terrain model

Cross-section DSM

Contour line 3D

Point cloud